mayo 21, 2018
¡Hola a todos!🍌🍌🍌

El día de hoy vengo con una propuesta diferente. Como es feriado, se me ocurrió que podría compartir un pequeño «algo» que escribí hace algún tiempo. 
Por ahora es un «algo» porque bueno, no sé en qué género o categoría podría entrar. Tal vez no tenga por qué etiquetarlo, y me parece bien. 
También quiero advertir que está escrito en inglés, por lo que obviamente puede contener algunas inadecuaciones que pasan de mi vista. 

Así que, sin más preámbulos...

Trying to keep her was like trying to grasp water with your bare hands: it will stay for a moment, but then it will find a way to break free and be gone forever.
That’s what people felt when looking at her.
She didn’t quite fit, always misunderstood by people who expected something different from her. But she didn’t care, and it took her a whole summer to learn that.

Now, standing in the beach, with her feet buried in the sand, the hot salty air making her dress flow, and the sun kissing her skin, she felt whole. And she was truly, deeply happy.
She herself was water, crystal clear, and pure water. Confidence emerged through her like waterfall, and her emotions were dripping rain. Her hair ran through her back in waves, dark as storm. Her senses were wild, everchanging, always being true to herself. 

“Is she going to stay here this time?” he asked.
“Maybe” I lied. She never did.
Even when most people found peace by being with another person, she found it within herself. That’s why she didn’t need anyone.
“Don’t you feel lonely?” I recall asking her once.
“I’m never alone”. Her smile spread. It was contagious. “Just because I don’t depend on people, doesn’t mean I don’t have anyone to rely on”.
And she was right. I was here with her now, on this eastern beach.

We were facing each other, her dragonfly necklace shining when the sun kissed the horizon. I never asked where she got it from, but I supposed it was a gift, since she sometimes touched it like it reassured her.
If she belonged to something, it was the summer. She left traces of it anywhere she went, even when the wind was cold and the sky grey. She was beautiful, and so was her mind.
She was ocean, from the way she spoke, bold and untamed, to her piercing gaze. Like an exotic animal, she just couldn’t be kept, only stared at from afar. Even if someone tried to hunt her down, she would find her own way back to freedom.
These days, older than when I met her, her senses became even sharper than before. If she was breeze, now she was hurricane. If she was a spark, now she was a bonfire.

Everyone stared at her, but she didn’t notice.
Everyone feared her, but she didn’t care.

She danced in the sand to the rhythm of the waves breaking in the shore, her feet not touching the sand. The breeze embraced her and lifted her up to the sky. She was twirling, jumping, moving her arms and legs to a melody that could not be heard.
She was a rebel, even when she said nothing, for that words weren’t needed when people already knew how powerful she felt only by looking at her.
She loved everything, even when not everyone loved her back.
She loved everything, because she expected nothing in return.
She spoke up for others when they couldn’t, and people dared to whisper she was insane. No one recognized her, but she didn’t need that, because the only validation she was seeking wasn’t in others, but within herself.

 “Do you believe in God?”
“I do. But not in the same way as you”. 
I must have done a face, because she laughed.
“I believe in a higher power, but I’m not entirely convinced which religion has it right, if any do at all”.

Not only did she know how insane that sounded, but she learned how to embrace every aspect of it, on her peaceful mind.
Her eyes were chocolate dark, but they lit up when she faced the stars in the night sky. Not many people looked at them, for that they may seem boring to non-curious minds. She loved nature, and admired all living, breathing things on Earth. Chaos didn't define her, but creation did. And in this cruel world, she was kind. She showed herself as she was, for that she didn’t want to hide.

She fused with earth, her extremities becoming long and thin as grapevines. Power flooded her, and burning fire ran through her veins.
She was water,
She was earth,
She was fire,
And she was air.
Her necklace kept shining, even when there was no light around.
A drop fell from the sky. I turned to her, but she was gone.
The dragonfly flew away.

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  1. Lo amé. Quiero más! Llegué al final y tuve que volver a leerlo porque es simplemente hermoso. Besos!

    1. Muchas gracias! Significa muchísimo que te haya gustado ❤

  2. Amo tu forma de escribir, y me encantó este relato. Necesito leer más 😍


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